Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Set Backs

They are frustrating.
And no one wants to have them during a build.
Especially not the ones who are doing the building.
It rained down south and snowed at home yesterday.
Weather is the WORST thing to cause a set back.
Well... that, and not having the kind of flooring you want.

We met with the kitchen designer yesterday.
She will be forwarding her design to us later in the week.
I have a feeling there will be changes made.
Especially since we are still debating on flooring.

Weigh in on this, won't you?
Here are a couple flooring colors we are looking at choosing.


We would like wood throughout the first floor.
The second floor is only the FROG and will be carpeted.
Maybe you would not choose wood.

What does your dream flooring look like?
{My}Curious mind wants to know.

be blessed!



Jessica said...

I love love LOVE my hardwood floors upstairs! We went with the lighter color maple for ours, and it really seems to brighten up the rooms.

We did tile in the kitchen, though, as I am a bit of a worry wart, and was so afraid of a possible dishwasher leak ruining the wood. All I could envision was having to redo the whole floor. No thank you. =D

I can also relate to the weather holdups! They are horrible! On our second house, we had just finished framing our exterior garage walls when we were hit with a HUGE wind/rain storm. Had to do a bit of fixing after that... but it all turned out well in the end.

I am sure that whatever you guys decide on, it will be beautiful! Looking forward to pictures of the progress!

So excited for you!

Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

I would do more hardwood if I could do things over or more tile. I do love tile and hope to do the kitchen - sometime I hope.