Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Price: Arms & Legs Still Attached

Yesterday, I posted, here, a photo of the look that I was possibly wanting to do in our master suite's bathroom. I told you that the mirror was on sale at Home Depot for only $60!! {That price was on sale from Thanksgiving weekend when they were a low $100 each} We did not pick them up Thursday when we were there.

After I dropped O off at a birthday party last night, I ran to HD to get some paint samples and check out their shower/tubs.

I happened to walk by where the mirrors were, {okay, face it, I was checking dimensions of the mirrors to see if they would even fit} and low and behold...


It's 79" X 33 1/2".

And regardless if it fits exactly where I am wanting it to go, it was such a steal, I couldn't pass it up. It may go in the walk-in closet.

At least one purchase for the new home will leave us with our limbs still attached.


Have a great weekend!

be blessed


Friday, February 24, 2012

Nothing a long hot soak couldn't cure

Boyd Residence in Completed Projects
That's the kind of bathtub I would like to have.
(I will beg for forgiveness for no photo credit because there was none given. I hope a link to the site, is sufficient.)
As I said in this post, we have made a lot of changes to the floor plans.
This means our bathroom design has changed.
It isn't just our bathroom.
It is also our walk-in closet area.
It's approximately 15x11ish.
And with so many ideas out there pinned to Pinterest, it's really hard to decide what to go with and stay on budget at the same time.

photo credit: Lori Shaffer

I love the placement of the vanities along with the long mirror, which we found at Home Depot yesterday.
I am pretty sure that the shower, however, is not in our budget. (The mirror was only $60!!)
And because there will probably only be one window in the bathroom, I think this would lend to enlongating the space.
photo credit: Sherry Petersik
This little water-closet would be perfect for what we are trying to accomplish by separating the "toilet" area from the rest of the bathroom.
Who wants to be relaxing in the bath and have your significant other come do an unmentionable in the same area as you?
(Yes, there will be other bathrooms in the house. But you catch my drift, don't you?)
So a loo and a basin; it's what I am going for.

We are throwing around just adding a half wall with no door. Personally I think this would leave our space open.
I really am not too keen on having closed off spaces.
I'm a little claustrophobic like that.
I am accepting bathroom blueprints if you want to have a go at it.
Who knows... maybe we will use some of your ideas.
Enjoy your weekend! (It's 79 here, and supposed to get down to 34 by morning)
be blessed,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” author unknown

With more than a few changes to the blueprints...
Along with more upgrades than they have ever had in one build...
Just as soon as the permits come in...
The ground will be broke...
And within 120 days...
We will call it our home.

When we originally looked at the development, we ran into a man that was doing some electrical work in a home that wasn't quite finished. He lives in the development and raved at how close they were, getting together for functions. Something I've really missed as we've lived here in VA.

If you had only one color to chose for wall color through out the entire home, what would it be?
I chose white for obvious reasons.
However, I am not sure I can sell that to everyone else.
Especially the boys who want COLOR in their rooms.
Do you go with white and paint over?

So that is where we are today.
Waiting for permits.
Waiting to break ground.
Waiting to get started on making our house a home.

be blessed,