Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The ornaments of our house will be the guests who frequent it." author unknown

I got the email yesterday afternoon that they had cleared the lot, and were going to stake out the land today. I hemmed and hawed about driving down to catch a photo before anything occured on the land. Finally when I decided, we had just an hour to get down to catch any last glimpse of sunlight we could.

Then... we got stuck in traffic, so I turned around. I knew that I wasn't going to catch anything.

As disappointed as I was last night, I know everything happens for a reason.

And if you know me at all, I whole heartedly believe that. Those aren't just words that I speak.

Instead of giving you a "beginning" shot, here is what our plat looks like.

I was "schooled" on the difference between plot and plat when I started to work for the high-end irrigation company. {sorry MOV for stealing that from you.} Don't ask... to me it's the same thing.

Unless staking occured early this morning, I would say it didn't occur at all. Our friend, Mr. Inclimate Weather, showed up today.

Does it look like a good placement?

We are still in search of colors; nailing the interior down to one, for now, is harder than I thought. Cousin LEW has me swayed towards the greys. {Thank you for your input!} I have been using and Pinterest to view sample colors. You may find alot of "wall colors" on my board soon, as soon as I can link them up.

Last, but not least, THANK YOU for all of your support through all of this. I know you have other things to do besides read my blog, and message me on facebook. Your input and ideas are fantastic, and are truly appreciated!

be blessed!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza Love

A couple weekends ago, my darling husband made us the homemade pizza that he often does. He makes the dough from scratch using our Kitchen aid mixer he bought me for my birthday.

On this particular day, however, whilst throwing the dough in the air, like a real pizza-pie-man, it slipped away from him, and he caught it in his arms against his shirt. Below is the image that was left imprinted by the flour on his shirt.

My pizza was made with the shrimp that he had picked up for me earlier in the week. He cooked them up for some shrimp and pesto pizza for us. {I really don't like red sauce.}

Doesn't it look delish?! It is probably my favorite because it is made with Pizza Love.

What is your favorite pizza? Do you make homemade pizza? We are always looking for new ideas, so leave me a note if you have a favorite!

be blessed,