Sunday, November 7, 2010


Profound words escape my cluttered mind.

I want to tell you it will all be okay.

Praying for a miracle..

  Hoping for the best.......

Just as everyone else has offered up.

Giving you words of enCOURAGEment....

From the outside looking in there is strength displayed in every word you write.

But I know you need someone else's strength....

To help you continue being the beautiful, loving, caring, STRONG woman you are.

 Someone else to have the STRENGTH for you.

 Relieving the weight on your shoulders.

One and only one can do this for us....

the Lord, Jesus Christ.

 The mountain you are facing....

You don’t have to climb over it. 

Look to Him, and LET Him carry you over that mountain. 

He loves you very much.... never to betray you.

HE will always be there for you, my sister.

Don’t lose hope.