Friday, September 16, 2011

{ innocence of a child }

i woke up to a phone call this morning from James saying he will be late getting back in. the small boat they took had to turn around because the weather is too bad. i checked wunderground, and it showed nothing. i switched it to infared, and it was all yellow and just sitting over the water off VB. i guess our lunch date will have to be postponed until another day. i'm a little bummed.

last night as i was reading through facebook, i continued to think about what a great communication tool it really could be. that is if the person on the receiving end wanted to hear what you have to say, or take the advise you had to give. maybe not even so much as to take it... but at least know options are there. (or vice versa)

i'm angry. i'm angry at the loss of my friend and was caught off guard as i let the tears flow. they didn't stop. and when i wanted them to... they still did not stop. so when O, who was reading on the couch with his back towards me, asked me a question and i couldn't answer because i was sniffing up snot, i was caught off guard. and when he came to console me, which he does so freely, all i could do is cry harder. 

when i got my barings straight, and all i could muster up is that i'd lost a friend. O asked if someone doesn't want to be my friend, and proceeded to tell me that his old friend M doesn't want to be friends with him anymore now that they are in a new class. (what an opportunity to talk... when your child sees you at your most vulernable time.) and as we progress in our conversation, he asks so innocently "did he get lost and can't find his way back home?"

yes. yes, my dear child. lost. but praying he did find his way home.