Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep your flame lit, and you will never feel darkness. ~J. Parker

It's how I feel about marriage.
This week marks year 5 for James and I meeting. It doesn't seem possible that time has passed us by so quickly.
Houzz has become my GO-TO site these last few months.
And because we pretty much figured out what our kitchen will look like, I feel confident to show you the likes of what I've found that resemble what we're doing.

There are a few changes like we won't have the hutch on the right end, and the dishwasher and the cabinet has swapped places. The dishwasher will be panel ready, so it will look like a cupboard as well.
My favorite thing are the windows.
Nice. And. Big.

Here is another that is sort of like what we are doing.
This adds the island that we will have.
I am still looking for the perfect Apron Front Sink. {aka farmhouse sink}

There is something that we totally forgot about, and that was lighting.
And while yesterday I was banned from looking at kitchens {because I've changed my mind a hundred times}, I took the opportunity to look at some lighting ideas for above the island.

So what do you think?
And because none of the photos shown above are my own, I feel it's only appropriate to leave you with this. {He is teaching himself how to play.}
be blessed!


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