Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the past few weeks

they have been stressful in our home.

the past few weeks.

we've been renting since we moved to Virginia in 2010. our primary reason for moving across the water from J's work was so that T would be able to go to school and play ball in a great school district. the ability to play ball was important to me. to him.

around october, T decided that he wanted to pursue golf, again. (we've had him on the course, putting, since he was big enough to hold a little golf club. that was before he was one. he stopped playing when we moved to HI.)

this news is EXCITING.

which brings me to why it has been such a stressful couple of weeks.

i've anguished over whether or not to move the kids out of a school district where T isn't pursuing the reason why we moved here in the first place.

it is HIGHLY overpriced.


frankly, i really haven't seen eye to eye with the elementary school.

i've researched.

and researched.



every school district and zone this side of the HRBT and across the way.

you win some.

you lose some.

deciding on where to buy a house is such a huge decision.

especially when you have children to think about.

so the news is...

we've found a house we are wanting to put an offer on.

and for now... i can stop stressing.

oh how i want to show you some photos.

however, it isn't ours. yet.

so instead i will leave you with one of E.
i'm going to miss her sassiness.

be blessed,