Tuesday, January 10, 2012

it's contagious

even with a good night's sleep, his mornings usually start out with something similiar to this...

continuing with this...
and ending like this...

he knows he will have made me yawn, too.

did you?

be blessed,


Monday, January 9, 2012

there are wild beasts, even in the morning

not-a-one came back into the house.

they were all bundled up nice and cozy.

 one may have been ready to get up before the others. 
 this one looks like he could still get his sleep on.
because the wild beast seems to be still lurking around.
 do you suppose he will be ready for what is to come?

they were sleeping on a TRAMPOLINE after all.

be blessed,


Sunday, January 8, 2012

sleep overs

i grew up with winter's weather being 70 degrees one day, and accumulating 5ft of snow within the next.

if we were lucky the wind chill didn't make it down to -40 below.

remember how we used to walk building to building at SHS during those blustery days?

last year, here, we had at least 2 snowfalls that accumulated up to 1.5 feet, each snowfall, by Christmas.

i never would have thought that yesterday's sleep over would take place where these wild beasts wanted to sleep.

on. the. trampoline.

the weather was beautiful.

probably won't be a nicer night the rest of the winter.

it's amazing what you can see in the night time sky.

it was Airforce One, passing by.

their tough exterior say that they were committed to sleeping out there all night.

we'll see!

happy Sunday, my friends!

be blessed