Friday, January 21, 2011

Of days ago

The opportunity to walk along the beaches in Hawaii were presented to me everyday while we lived there.

A favorite was to go out to a place called Ewa Beach. Many mornings I would drive out and find myself lost for hours combing the beach for cowry shells. While James was deployed this was my GO-TO place while the kids were in school.

On several occasions I was lucky enough to watch some native Hawaiians paddle out and fish. And although I have no tangible photos, the ones from my memory are more beautiful than any camera could ever capture.

Those were the days.

And how I miss them SO!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I can relax....

Take in deep breaths, and thank my lucky stars.

I picked up the results from the radiologist, and there is not a BIRADs rating.... which means that there is no need to be freaking out about my breast.

I will still see the breast specialist, (although I am still not quite certain why I've been referred if it's nothing more than a cyst)...

Nonetheless.... I am elated!!

(both thumbs pointing at myself)... One HAPPY Camper!!


I love having breakfast with Owen on school days. Sometimes he comes up with the funniest things... Outlandish, and unbelievable... and he SO wants you to believe him that I have to actually indulge his fantasy thought process... BUT only sometimes.

Having a conversation over toaster struddles....... he kept saying Magnicifent. Time and time again he would say the word incorrectly... like "Alunimum, for aluminum, or balona, for vanilla". (all things he used to say) But when you are spelling in third grade, it's important to know how to pronounce "Magnificent".

He laughed and laughed as he tried to say the word correctly, and JUST when he thought he would have it... he would get tongue tied all over again.

It was really quite a site, and we had quite the hearty laugh over it.

Mornings like these........ make it all worth while.

HE makes it all worth while.

Monday, January 17, 2011

High Hopes

1. Over the weekend, as I sat in the chair in our room~ listening to the boys cheer on the JETS, I got a wild hair to google the doctor that I was referred to, considering all I know is that my current doctor couldn't help me.

2. NEVER google a doctor and suspect that you know everything he/she may be without looking at the WHOLE picture.

3. As uneducated as I was until last night, I was scared out of my WITS being referred to an oncologist. I had NO idea to whom I was being referred to and when I read the word, oncologist.... immediately I think of cancer.... wouldn't you?

4. But, as it turns out, he is a surgical oncologist who will be doing the biopsy.... which makes me a little less shaking in my pants. YES.... 80% of biopsies come back B9, but it's still scary stuff, nonetheless.

6. I'm angry and frustrated for the lack of contact the doctor had with me in telling me anything about what is going on.

7. Tomorrow......... I will go get a copy of the ultra sound photos, as well as the radiologists report. I will also look for a new doctor.... and I have one in mind. Hopefully she is taking new patients.

8. So, as I sit here writing this, with my mind at ease that, for now, it is not a medical oncologist that I will be seeing... (thanking the beautiful women of for their schooling) I hope that you have as good as a week, as I intend to have.