Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catching Up


Did you notice how long it had been since I made a post?? One of you did! I was reminded how one of my favorite women who blog hadn't posted recently either and how I felt. I miss her. A Lot. You can read her here.

So what's been going on?

I was hired at HRBlock part time mid month. Their class was CRAZY!! 10 weeks with 3- 3 hour classes every other day, not counting the 4-6 hours of homework, left me a bit out of sorts. I didn't really plan on taking more classes. However, since it was free for being a military spouse, how could I beat that?? It's super slow right now, which gives me MORE time to be taking in the 100's of online classes I get to do for taxes. (PS... if you don't use HRBlock, or have done your own online, Please, Please, PLEASE!!!! go in and have a second look. I already know we've missed $500 that we will be getting back from 2009. RUN! DO IT!! Thank me later.)

Thanksgiving came and went. J went to his Mom's on the weekend to make Lefsa. I went to my girl, Kelly's, and made cookies/candy all day that Sunday. It was great girl time. The boys got to see a few friends from Y-Town. Everyone was happy!

December is now here, and nearly half way through. J has been gone. A lot. We finally picked out our tree over the weekend. I. Love. It. Beyond measure. The fragrance it radiates, reminds me of being at home, in SD. It will sport some handstrung garland, just as soon as I get it finished.

We will have some company here for Christmas. Little J is arriving around the 21st. Along with him, M and S are coming too! Can't wait to have some girl time. (Sorry boys... these MOMMAS are OUT)! J's mom and C are coming, as well... so it will be a wonderful first Christmas in our new home!

That's all I have for now.... I will leave you with a photo of our front door that I painted last week. Should I paint the sidelights, too?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!
be blessed!