Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting the AXE!

It's been a couple of months since Thomas started to ask for me to replenish his "AXE" stash. It brings back so many memories of working at Canyon Hill Center, some of you may recall incidents too. The odor of AXE will forever be etched into my mind. The big day came yesterday when coupons for AXE @ a B1G1 came in the paper. The scents he chose, I'm hoping, won't make me relive those moments all over again from days ago.

I picked all of this up for $13.84. Usually I am close to FREE, but because the Catalina's weren't printing properly, my hard work of scanning, gathering, planning and shopping was foiled.

I got the AXE for free. It was a 3/$12 deal. I had (2) B1G1 Q and (2) $1 off Q. I also had $6 in Register Rewards from Friday's purchase. All I paid was the tax. I EARNED $4 in RR.

This is the order I did the transaction in. I did EIGHT seperate transactions, and asked the cashier to call someone over to the cosmetics counter to check me out. That way I wasn't holding up any line.

1. Axe 3/$12- (2)B1G1Q, (2)$1Q, $6 RR = $1.01 tax , recvd $4 RR
2. Advil 2/$10- (1) $4Q on 2, $4 RR= $1.98, recvd $5RR
3. Colgate Toothpaste 2/$7- (2) $1Q, $5RR= $.26tax, recvd $3RR
4. Advil 2/$10= $4Q, $3 RR= $2.98, recvd $5 RR
5. Colgate Toothpaste 2/$7, and silly band for filler- (2) $1Q, $5 RR= $.46 tax, recvd $3 RR
6. Suave lotion 4/$12 - (2) B1G1 Q, $3RR=$3.71, recvd $3 RR
7. Advil 2/$10- $4Q, $3RR=$2.98, recvd $5 RR
8. Colgate Toothpaste 2/$7, and silly band for filler- (2) $1Q, $5 RR= $.46, recvd $3 RR

I paid $13.84 OOP for $99.49 worth of personal items we will use. I also received a $3 RR that I haven't used yet. That is an 86% savings!!

Not bad for a couple hours worth of work.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps you to do some deals this week at Walgreens.

be blessed