Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love B.O.O.B.I.E.S.

That's what his bracelet says...

It's fitting for today's events. 

I have a mammogram scheduled from yesterday's dr appointment.... this afternoon. 

If it's anything "serious", do you suppose he will be my biggest supporter? ;o)

He towers me... It's hard to believe he is only 14.

AND.... It's hard to believe he IS 14!

Dreams and Blended Families

Anyone who knows us, knows we are a blended family of wonderfulness. Sometimes I am amazed at how hard my husband is accommodating, patient, and thoughtful of my needs, as well as all the boys. (Other days, I want to pull my hair out. I continue to love him, nonetheless.)

Sometimes CHANGE is hard for children, and when we moved to HAWAII, our kids had the hardest time adjusting. Not to the climate, mind you, but to the social environment. (They would live at the beach if we would let them) A once in a lifetime opportunity.... they were handed.

BUT that doesn't mean everything thing was hunky-dory in the land many called Paradise. Often, Owen would have dreams and draw pictures of me, Thomas, and himself. They left out Jimmy and James. I always felt so bad that school artwork of "family portraits" would come home missing those TWO important people of our lives. The adjustment was really hard for Owen to have to share me with other people.

The GOOD news................. In the mornings, over breakfast, Owen and I usually share our dreams of the night before. And up until this morning they usually only included "US". Today, he told me of how we were in a time-travel machine, and how my sister, Sommer, and her daughters, Ariel and Tristen, were with us and we traveled to a time where we had to pick up coins and swords... (Too much Lego Harry Potter, I assume) and that he and JAMES had picked up all of the swords. (His description is too in-depth to relay to you, and it would be too hard, considering I know all about LHP.)

One of the coins we picked up twisted open, like my flower Daisy perfume, which he made sure to tell me that Tristen picked up. In another warp-land of the time travel, He and JAMES defeated Zombies. (Don't judge... I let my kids play video games.) Another coin warping land he found a Teddy Roosevelt coin, with Teddy holding a teddy bear... (At least he is picking up some of his history!!)

Owen also included many other details of land warping, but I need to get back to the point.... He included James. It melted my heart! To think of how far our "blended" family has come in the last year since moving from Hawaii... is simply AMAZING.

Best thing of all..... They are MY blended family!

Monday, January 3, 2011

December... Where did the time go?

We drove over 3200 miles in 14 days, which left a lot of time in the car, and with each other. {Insert...sleep anyway which way you can... here} Here is one pit-stop for dinner that we took. Fox's Pizza... and it was DELICIOUS!!

Playing Skeeball

But I want the SAME as YOU!!

You have to stop!!

"Practicing his mad "Road Skills"

Look how many tickets I got!!

The game that gave away a TON of tickets

Making it a Family-Fun Night

The gracious staff who put up with us!

Prizes Galore!!

The drive was done by my loving husband, J. He toughed it out, and drove straight through on the second day, for nearly 18 hours. He was a champ as he listened to the unrelenting words of bickering that occurred from the testosterone filled back seat.  (Thank heavens we opened gifts that could be taken on the trip the night before we left.)

As I sit here and reflect on the month of December, I cherish every moment, good or bad, because they were moments that were spent with our family being together.

I am making no resolutions this year. No opportunities to fail. You'll just have to see, along with me, how we make the best of this New Year.