Friday, November 19, 2010



Totally OUT OF CONTROL. and unexcusable.

I don't think I've weighed this much since two weeks BEFORE giving birth to Owen.


It's time to stop the MADNESS!!

Who's With Me??

PS... Please continue to keep friends,
 in your prayers. 
Check out her blog,
(She's a phenomenal photographer!) 
 you may want
 to bring along a kleenex. ;o)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sold Separately

Getting our middle son
to take a shower
seems to be
(at least for him.)
(Sorry, it's SOOC!)

I was so thankful
when we lived in Hawaii..
I knew he'd shower without a fuss
after we went to the beach. 
No one likes to CHAFE.

But today.... I struggle with that little mess maker.

 And today.... he got WISE with his reply when I told him I am really not
fond of his messes, while walking through the store making 
the tremendously long Christmas list that he has.

"Mom... I come with the messes, and the messes come with me.

Showers are sold separately!!"

Well said, O.. Well said.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Being Grateful

at my
wit's end 
with my kids
who continue to
This is NOT how I've 
raised them. Or is it???
I would like nothing more
than to produce words of how
they mind their manners, and do
not talk back, pick up after them-
selves and do chores without having
to be reminded...It's just not that way.
UGH!! I am
that they
are mine.

On a happier note....

We went to Maryland this weekend and spent time
with our neighbors... This is something I've been missing.

 It's November, yet the flowers are STILL

So chilly we could see our breath.

But you can't. ;o)

On with my day. I hope yours is great, too.