Monday, January 30, 2012

last minute visitors

saturday night fights were on.

an hour before they were televised, J invited NJ & Co. over to our house.

with nothing baked, or stocked up in my cupboards, T and i quickly got something mixing.

but not without a hitch, of course.

i didn't have the correct butter, so i switched recipes.

then, when i went to put in the last little bit of oil i DID have,

i didn't shut off the mixer, and the attachment hit the measuring cup, and oil flew everywhere.

i think that was a sign i should NOT have been making sweets at 730 at night.

but i did anyway.

and these little munchins loved every bit, even the homemade whipped cream.

their older brother became jealous, and wanted in on the action, too.
and before you knew it...
someone else was jealous too.
so we got one of him lookin nonchalant. (we must have taken a photo like this several times to get the 'hanging out, looking cool' framed perfectly for him.
and this one didn't want to hear what momma had to say. he hammed it up pretty good.
so silly and scary faces continued on for a better part of an hour.
Momma was happy because they never hugged in front of the camera before, and they did it all on their own.

it was nice to have last minute visitors sharing the evening with us.

i miss having little ones in the house, and it was made perfectly clear i could have them anytime i wanted.

be blessed,