Monday, March 5, 2012

Clearing The Land

Let me start by saying I feel good about sharing things about the house with you, now.
We met with the builder on Friday when we went and saw this...

We left for a while, and came back to our meeting to find it staked out.
They will probably begin pouring cement this week if the permits come back by Wednesday and the weather holds out.
Next to our lot is one that hasn't been cleared away yet. That will be done this week, along with the digging out of the drainage area. The small trees that you can see in the back of our lot, will also be cleared away in order to ensure no issues with the septic tank.

We found out there are a lot of snakes in North Carolina; including copperheads, timber rattlesnakes, cotton mouths, and coral snakes. (It should make for an interesting first summer there!)

Thank you for coming along on this journey we are taking! I appreciate everyone's feedback, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

be blessed!


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