Saturday, June 9, 2012

"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough." Albert Einstein

Last week was hard to swallow.
The installation of our tile shower was botched.
It still is botched.
It has been a stressful time.
Especially because we want to be into the house by next week.
So having a botched shower wasn't really what we were anticipating.
But the builder is going to try and rectify the situation, so I am going to spare you the agony of looking at the photos of a tile shower that was so poorly constructed.

Instead, I am going to show you the happy updates that we saw last night.

See the {sold} sign?? THAT'S US!!

We met the neighbors that bought to the left of us last night. We all kind of congregated around our driveway (A & K and the new neighbors). The mosquitos were quite crazy, and so we moved over to A & K's garage.

They have started to grade, and I am still hoping they will clear out the back where the easement is, as I had requested. Why they didn't when they graded the land next to us, I have no idea. But it is on my walk through check list.

It's possible we will have a Certificate of Occupancy by Wednesday. It's getting down to the wire. There is always a big push at the end, right?

One more thing...
The floors are beautiful.
Probably my favorite thing in the house.
And I can't wait until you see them in person. Won't you make a reservation and come stay with us?

Here's to hoping for smooth sailing next week!

be blessed,


Monday, June 4, 2012

Time Crunch

I have missed several weeks of updating the progress of the house. It's because there just isn't much to update, other than the fact of lack of progress and mistakes. And that gets old and depressing.

So in addition to the lack of progress, what HAS been occuring is alot of mess ups.

Friday came and I was so excited about going down to see the progress due to the fact that we were told the flooring would be brought in to get acclimated early in the week, and the laying would be started on Thursday. I was SO excited about this because it means we are nearing the end.

But much to our dismay, no flooring was in the house. The door was wide open; not locked, with no one in sight.

See... depressing. Depressing that others do not value what we are putting our livelihood in to.

Mistakes occur. Over and Over and Over again.

Our shower was tiled incorrectly. No spacers were used. The tiling on the walls are uneven; not even the pattern we chose. And the floor... it's ridiculously wrong.

{This makes me sick. Literally. I think I have an ulcer or something. I have been sick for the better part of 5-6 weeks, throwing up. We are not pregnant. I can't keep much down, yet do not seem to lose any weight. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday. Keep me in your prayers.}

 And... our appliances were just ordered. You know... the ones we picked out months ago because we were told to? Just. Ordered.

Have I mentioned that we are out of our current house in 10 days? Yes... TEN days!

So... I think I might have an ulcer. ;o)

To top off not blogging... I missed blogging about little J's bday. He turned 8!

 Eight! Can you believe it?? Love you, mister!

Hopefully I have more positive things to report at the end of the week before the computer gets packed up.

be blessed!