Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The ornaments of our house will be the guests who frequent it." author unknown

I got the email yesterday afternoon that they had cleared the lot, and were going to stake out the land today. I hemmed and hawed about driving down to catch a photo before anything occured on the land. Finally when I decided, we had just an hour to get down to catch any last glimpse of sunlight we could.

Then... we got stuck in traffic, so I turned around. I knew that I wasn't going to catch anything.

As disappointed as I was last night, I know everything happens for a reason.

And if you know me at all, I whole heartedly believe that. Those aren't just words that I speak.

Instead of giving you a "beginning" shot, here is what our plat looks like.

I was "schooled" on the difference between plot and plat when I started to work for the high-end irrigation company. {sorry MOV for stealing that from you.} Don't ask... to me it's the same thing.

Unless staking occured early this morning, I would say it didn't occur at all. Our friend, Mr. Inclimate Weather, showed up today.

Does it look like a good placement?

We are still in search of colors; nailing the interior down to one, for now, is harder than I thought. Cousin LEW has me swayed towards the greys. {Thank you for your input!} I have been using and Pinterest to view sample colors. You may find alot of "wall colors" on my board soon, as soon as I can link them up.

Last, but not least, THANK YOU for all of your support through all of this. I know you have other things to do besides read my blog, and message me on facebook. Your input and ideas are fantastic, and are truly appreciated!

be blessed!


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