Thursday, February 23, 2012

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” author unknown

With more than a few changes to the blueprints...
Along with more upgrades than they have ever had in one build...
Just as soon as the permits come in...
The ground will be broke...
And within 120 days...
We will call it our home.

When we originally looked at the development, we ran into a man that was doing some electrical work in a home that wasn't quite finished. He lives in the development and raved at how close they were, getting together for functions. Something I've really missed as we've lived here in VA.

If you had only one color to chose for wall color through out the entire home, what would it be?
I chose white for obvious reasons.
However, I am not sure I can sell that to everyone else.
Especially the boys who want COLOR in their rooms.
Do you go with white and paint over?

So that is where we are today.
Waiting for permits.
Waiting to break ground.
Waiting to get started on making our house a home.

be blessed,


1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am so very excited for you guys! This journey is long and full of questions, decisions, and hair pulling experiences, but is SO worth it!!!

I think that white is a good idea to start out with, as you can always go over it. Only problem, is that once you have all your trim up and doors in, that is THAT much more taping. Painting before that is all up is SO much easier, and you get wonderful, crisp lines.

Also... a trick we learned while painting our rooms... make a thin line between the ceiling and wall with clear caulk. Also helps to make a nice clean line.

Good luck and HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

Blessed Be