Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the best mom ever

I know it's never a good thing to compare yourself to others, but I honestly just can't help it. And it's not that I'm comparing myself, but my actions. I get worn out just by reading or hearing the happenings of what other moms do for their kids. "We went to so-and-so museum, then we took the train to this monument, and from there we hiked 314 miles to see the world's largest candy factory."


"Oh and I forgot to mention, we made 852,671 valentines for all of our friends, family, co-workers, hair dressers, grocery store clerks, and we even gave one to all the homeless shelters in the area."


I really need to manage my time better. Because all I did was go to the commissary, pick up a pre-made box of valentine's for O's class, a few Valentine's for the boys {including the big one}, and set them out after school. {truth be told, O didn't like the ones I picked so we printed out STARWARS on card stock and he spent the evening coloring them for his classmates.}

And it's not just a day like yesterday. It's every day. Maybe it's because I am selfish with my time. Maybe I need to borrow one of the busy mom's schedules just to see how they do it. {Are there any takers out there willing to share how you do it?}

I haven't ever been really good at time management. I was always a procrastinator in school, staying up until 4am to get projects done. This is one trait that I would have hoped that I didn't pass along to the boys, but I think T has already picked it up. Yes, inheritly, I am guessing, since my mom is one as well.

Come to think about it... O is too.

But if I get something like this every Valentine's Day, done at 7pm over at the neighbors...

 I would be happy if he procrastinated his whole life, just like his momma.

After all, I AM the BEST mom EVER!

be blessed


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