Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm curious to know what you spend on groceries. Do you plan a menu and stick to it when you are shopping? Or do you go shopping with an idea of what you are going to get, but with nothing set in stone.

Last night I watched Extreme Couponing. I was jealous for a minute when one of the ladies got out of paying $1000+ worth of "stuff", that she couponed, for only $9.42. That included the MEAT she bought (which is where my jealousy came in). BUT I REFUSE to empty a bin of Excederin. 

I missed posting yesterday. {i MUST have been busy}

Today I have a field trip with O's class.

No promises.... I will try to post how I bought milk for $.50 yesterday, among my other purchases.

Are you couponing? Are you thrifty? Let me know what inspired you get with saving your hard earned money.

I leave you with this...

This is one of my favorite SOOC photos of rain droplets. AND the reason I love it so much is because I was having {truly} a tough day. I went to the car to get out of the house so I could be alone, and turned on the KLOVE station that I listen to everyday. I snapped this photo along with many others. Just a reminder that HE died for me. He died for you. It's HIS plan; not ours.

be blessed


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