Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday Evening's Trip to Walgreens

You've been waiting so patiently to hear how I did at Walgreens. Well, here it is!

T has allergies since moving here, and he is ALWAYS sniffing up his nose because it's so dry. I found a solution and it happened to be on sale this week at Walgreens.

See it there in the middle? It's called NasoGel, and it REALLY works! It is normally $6.99. The sale price this week was $4.99. AND it had a $1 off peelie attached, so that made it $3.99. This is one product that, when purchased, you received a $5 in store reward. During this transaction, I also bought two chocolate peeps that I had {1}$1.00 mnfctr coupon AND {1}$.50 Walgreens store coupon for. They were on sale this week 2/$1.50. Guess What?? I got the PEEPS for FREE. Guess What Else?? I got the NasoGel for FREE too, because they PAID me $5 to try it out. See how that is working here? Look at my receipt below. (YES, I did have to put up the $4.02 to begin which seems to recon I maybe only "earned" myself $1.00, but don't forget that means I got the product for free AND they threw in a couple Peeps on top of that.)

Here is what the Catalina Coupon that I received looks like. (These are the two I received today. They look exactly like these ones, except it was for just ONE. I went back today and bought more.)

See the expiration date? You have UNTIL then to use your FREE money. There ARE exclusions that you can read right there.

What else did I get? Glad you asked. You see those boxes of Nescafe Taster's Choice Coffee Singles? I printed {2} $1.00 coupons off from Nescafe, and they were on sale. They ALSO had register rewards when you bought two or four. I bought four. Below is my receipt and the register rewards.

I could have used the $5 reward and purchase these, BUT if you don't use the FULL amount on the reward, you lose it. So I paid $2.10, and got a $4 reward. What does that mean for me? That means that Walgreens and Nescafe PAID me $1.90 to try 4 boxes of their instant coffee. AND I also got a $1.50 coupon for the product below which will go along nicely with my coffee.

Can you think of WHERE I can use this instant coffee?? YEP... when we go camping!!

Hopefully everyone uses some sort of mouth/teeth cleaning products. We usually use Crest. However, I had {2}$1.00 off coupons for Colgate and decided at some point we will give it a try. Colgate is on sale 2/$6.00. Also, 3M has a pdf full of coupons you can find here. Walgreens ad had buy {1} 3M tape and get {2} FREE. The ad also had Easter baskets on sale for $.79 with in ad coupon. I needed a filler because I was going to use the reward that I received from the Nasogel. Here's how it went down.
I used {2}$1.00 off coupons for Colgate, {2} $1.00 off coupons for 3M tape {2}$.20off in ad coupon for Easter baskets, AND my $5.00 Register Reward from the purchase of Nasogel. Look at what I paid for all of that? $1.05 Can you believe that? BUT WAIT!!! It gets better... THEY paid me $2.95 to try out all of those products. How? Because I got a $4.00 Register Reward for the Colgate.

Next are the hair ties/clips. They were on sale for $3.00 that included a $3.00 register reward. So guess what? I really got em for free (minus tax).
Which I could have used on the eggs that I purchased, had I known that I would have still gotten the REDBOX rentals. In store ad was buy {2} dozen eggs, get redbox rental for a night.

Now I know. Two free rentals for REDBOX = $2.00 Eggs were $2.64 which means I paid $.64 for two dozen eggs. 

Last, but not least, I took a trip across the street to Walmart to pick up some travel first aid kits, which didn't work out... BUT I did find Secret Flawless deodorant with a sample clinical strength on clearance for $2.25. It is normally $7.76 for just the one. With getting the sample size, which is like a travel size, it's almost like getting the deodorant for FREE. Almost.

Anyway, There ya go. At Walgreens I spent out of pocket (OOP) a total of $12.96. In rewards I received $19.50 (including the redbox and creamer coupon). Not bad for an evenings work on things we will USE.

You won't find me buying things we won't use, like some other couponers I have seen. That is NOT why I am purchasing with coupons. I am not going to buy something "just because i can" if I have a coupon for it. I will gladly send the coupon along with the others I won't use to the overseas military bases. I encourage you to do the same. ALSO, if you don't want your coupons, I will gladly take them and send them for you with mine.

Let me know what you think. Tomorrow we will get into the nitty gritty of how planning a trip works. ARE you ready to go through your grocery store ads and make your grocery list for your shopping trip?

be blessed!



Ang said...

Love it! I use coupons whenever I get the chance. But I do know I had better luck when I was in AL last year, only because there are more shopping options & coupons than here in NE!!! Go Tara Go!!!!

t said...

Ang, Do you have access to a printer? If so, you can print them out, and MOST stores accept them because they have a special number on them. OR, You can actually pay for someone's time gathering the inserts online.

love ya girl!