Saturday, April 23, 2011


There just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I had hoped to get a whole lot more done this week to share with you, but it just didn't happen.

We had swim, rock climbing, homework, researching, a WONDERFUL resurrection of Jesus reinactment that our neighbors were apart of and invited us to, a dinner date, AND just being a mom.

I shopped yesterday at Harris Teeter. I bought Smart Balance milk for $1.00. Actually I bought 3 half gallons for $1.00 each. Anyone who buys it, knows it is not cheap. I was super stoked. But before I get to that, Here is everything I bought the other day when I said I bought Silk milk for $.50.

What would do you think you would normally pay for all of this WITHOUT coupons?

These are the groceries I bought the other day for the Silk being only $.50. The non-coupon price of Silk is about $4.00. Wednesdays Farm Fresh has double coupons. Plus most of the milk was marked off $1.00 for a manager's special, which brought it to $2.00. Then I had a $.75 coupon which doubled to another $1.50 coming off. And THAT is how I only paid $.50 for that milk.

I really want you to take a guess. Later tonight I will update with the price I paid for everything.

 I still can't wrap my mind around how much I continue to save.

And when I don't, I feel defeated. Like this morning going to Walmart for 6 items and spending over $20. FOR SIX ITEMS!!

Alright, I really had to make this quick as we are going to friends for dinner.

be blessed


**UPDATE** I paid $44.22 and saved 39.50 including tax.


Anonymous said...

So daughter how much did you spend - I am so curious. Tomorrow is Sunday so it will be some store coupon day but will have to wait for Tuesday for our grocery stores - although they don't have hardly any in store coupons. Also
HAPPY EASTER - You Be Blessed

T said...

Hey Mom, I spent $44.22 and saved 39.50 including tax. That's on the "sale" stuff. Doesnt include reg pricing. Love and miss you!! Xoxo