Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Gift of Something New

New Traditions are taking place in our home this year.

We will not spend any time with my family back home, 

as I have done every year since I was born.

BUT... We have James home, (not deployed), this year!

(That in itself is something to be Thankful for!)

I WILL NOT mind how the Christmas tree looks.

(We will decorate as a family tomorrow evening.

While we listen to Christmas songs, drink hot chocolate, 
and clutter the tree, unevenly, with ornaments )

I will enjoy it... 
And I will wrap packages this week...
to go along with the ones stitched onto my tree skirt. 

What's important is that we are together as a family 

this HOLIDAY season.

Enjoy yours.

Remember the REASON for the SEASON!!


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