Friday, June 11, 2010

he LOVES me.... he LOVES me knot

Recently my husband ran out of body wash, which I normally purchase for him,

but on a trip to the market Sunday morning

he purchased his own; a new kind, and one that he normally uses.

The first time I took a "whiff" of the new kind

I knew that I would not like it as well as I did the old... maybe I'm stuck

in my "old" ways??....

James asked how I liked the new scent, and I was pretty frank with him...

it WAS NOT him!

At least it was not the aroma I was used to.

Last night after my run, to which I came home and found he had already showered, I started the shower

and stepped inside, and inhaled deeply....

You know... like when you are smooching your love and your souls are connecting....

I grinned ear to ear.

he LOVES me!!

I love this man with all of my heart. It's little things like this that make our love grow.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Don't. Give. Up.