Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday my husband put the bikes together, from when the movers had taken them apart.

Yes... It's been a month. ;o)

I also set out to start two-a-days, not including the little bike ride we went on together.

So Much Fun!! And who knew how sore my WOOHAA would be today from the seat???

This morning I must have needed that extra sleep because I hit snooze twice

Then turned the alarm off.... all together.

But who wouldn't want to get up

to this view???

Apparently, it was ME!!

( Maybe after I take R2 into the car doctor
I will catch up on the workout
that I missed

I have to remember that giving up is not an option!!

So Do You!!

Don't. Give. Up.


Valerie Koop said...

That view.


That view!

Amber Jones said...

that is exactly why i don't workout in the morning...I LOVE the snooze button!