Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Whom It May Concern.... (you know who you are)

I know you took your commenting ability off...

and for good reason, I will give you that.


How else am I going to share with you that I, too, made BLTs this weekend?

And who doesn't just LOVE the Food Network's easy access

To some REALLY great food???

The waiting game is the hardest, I am finding out.

Expect the worst, but pray for the best??

Makes you enjoy the time, regardless the mood either are in.

The boys leave for Colorado on Thursday....

I've been asked WHAT on EARTH am I going TO do WITH myself??

I suppose I will be lonely, however we all have webcams

I'm sure alot of SKYPING will be done.

The day is gloomy; a fitting mood.

Be WELL. Know that I am thinking of you. Be BLESSED; for you are loved.


Don't. Give. Up.

1 comment:

Valerie Koop said...


You make me laugh. And smile. And be so thankful for the internet so we can touch base.

Friendships will never be the same now that we all know how to find each other, huh?

I think, for me, I back off when I think I have shared too much or am in such a bad place that nothing comes out of my mouth that is positive.

Sometimes being the positive cheerleader for everyone else takes a toll.

So while I will never give up, and will pray for the best, the reality of the situation slaps me in the face and makes it hard to do the other two things.

Know that you can always, always email me. Or call me. Or text me (and vice versa).

And maybe when I come around ... the comments will, too. :)

Praying for Nanna.