Saturday, June 9, 2012

"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough." Albert Einstein

Last week was hard to swallow.
The installation of our tile shower was botched.
It still is botched.
It has been a stressful time.
Especially because we want to be into the house by next week.
So having a botched shower wasn't really what we were anticipating.
But the builder is going to try and rectify the situation, so I am going to spare you the agony of looking at the photos of a tile shower that was so poorly constructed.

Instead, I am going to show you the happy updates that we saw last night.

See the {sold} sign?? THAT'S US!!

We met the neighbors that bought to the left of us last night. We all kind of congregated around our driveway (A & K and the new neighbors). The mosquitos were quite crazy, and so we moved over to A & K's garage.

They have started to grade, and I am still hoping they will clear out the back where the easement is, as I had requested. Why they didn't when they graded the land next to us, I have no idea. But it is on my walk through check list.

It's possible we will have a Certificate of Occupancy by Wednesday. It's getting down to the wire. There is always a big push at the end, right?

One more thing...
The floors are beautiful.
Probably my favorite thing in the house.
And I can't wait until you see them in person. Won't you make a reservation and come stay with us?

Here's to hoping for smooth sailing next week!

be blessed,


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Jessica said...

What an absolutely beautiful home, Tera! And I just know it will be all the more beautiful once you and your family move in and truly make it 'home'. So very happy for you! And although I know there are snags and struggles, and things don't always go as planned towards the end... but I promise you... once you are in there, decorating and setting it up... it will all seem worth it. Blessed Be, my friend!!