Monday, May 14, 2012

"Youth comes but once in a lifetime." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

After Saturday's birthday, I truly believe this. A huge thank you goes out to my friend K. She stuck with me all day. And I mean ALL day. She was at my house at 730, and didn't leave until ??? Honestly, I really don't know. That's how great she is.

There were a couple of games the kids played that I got from NBCs  Minute to Win It. This is the Elephant March. You take hose/stockings of some sort (got ours from the Dollar Store) and put a ball in the toe. You line up 6-10 water bottles in two different lines and without using your hands, you try to knock down the water balls in 60 seconds. We just did races and the kids had a blast!

Doesn't it look like FUN?! 

Have you ever played?

After the Elephant March game, and a break to jump on the trampoline,  they played A BIT DICEY. It's a game where you have to stack dice (we used 5) on a Popsicle stick that you hold in your mouth. This game got two thumbs up from Owen. 

It's funny watching children interact with one another, specifically how Owen is with his guy friends vs. his girl friends. He definitely is a lady's man.

Thanks for putting up with my SOOC shots. I hope your eyes don't have sores on them. ;o)

More to come...

be blessed


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