Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Preparations

O's birthday was in March. We've had various things going on, and have finally planned a party for him. He turned TEN. (I can hardly believe it, myself!)

This year we are doing a party like we've never done.

It doesn't involve movie characters.

It doesn't involve cartoon characters.

But what it does involve is some good ole fashioned FUN!

It probably won't be as fantastic as I could have made it with a month's time of planning....

BUT... He already LOVES how his cake is going to turn out.

Here is where I found the idea on Pinterest.

How does it looks so far?

Have you done a cake like this and have suggestions of dos or don'ts? I'd love to hear them before I attempt to frost it on Thursday night.

AND... if you follow any of the pins I pinned, you already know what the theme is!


I will post tomorrow where I ended up getting all of the printables!

be blessed!


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