Thursday, January 5, 2012


some of you have commented on photos of O and Rubicon from yesterday's post to facebook.

she gets her name from being a red (Rubi) tailed boa constrictor, and from Con: the constrictor from "the Jungle Book".

here she was in j's hand, Dec of last year. she was no more than 6 months old.

here she is yesterday at a little over 18 months with my favorite O.

she's kind of big, yeah?

she climbed up the vacuum handle (shown in the background of the second photo, and climb onto the table lamp)

do i touch her? no

am i scared of her? maybe, but i won't tell for sure

do i feed her? yes

what do we feed her? live rats called crawlers. the last time i fed her i really wanted to keep the rat, instead. it was so cute. really. really. cute. it broke my heart to use it as a source of food. but that's life.

whose snake is she? j's. he got her for his birthday in 2010.

and yes, sometimes she gets out of her cage when we have it open, and it takes a bit to find her.

and yes... sometimes that is scary for me.

in other news...

i am taking an online Jack Hollingsworth iphoneography class today and tomorrow.

do you use your iphone for photography?

do you know the ins and outs?

what are your favorite apps for shooting/editing?

next week i will be posting what i've learned, so don't forget to check back.

be blessed!


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