Monday, April 18, 2011

First trip to Walgreens

This is my first post about {really} couponing. Hope it spikes your interest!

Saturday evening J and I went to Walgreen's because their sales for the week were almost up, and there were a couple of things I wanted to get before I truly missed out. Although THAT particular trip cost us $42.+ out of pocket {oop}, It also netted us {2} $5 Hershey rewards. I did not do exactly like I had planned, BUT I did score some free money. {Which is definitely helpful with Easter coming up.} AND I also got some supplements that I started taking yesterday.

After we went home, I was feeling kind of bummed that it didn't go how I had planned, and that we blew the budget that I {THOUGHT} we would have. I decided to put my game face on and go back out, this time with my plan in hand and NO wavering.

These are the items I bought:

{4} boxes of Peeps chicks {2} bags of Easter peanut M&Ms {4} bags of Hershey kisses, including caramel, plain, and almond (they were clearanced from $4.89 to$2.19, remember I had the $10 Hershey rewards from the previous shopping trip that night) {1} bag of Hershey dark chocolate Nuggats with almonds, {1} bag of Hershey Easter Kisses with Almonds, {2} Hefty ziplock baggies (quart and gallon), {1} Wonka chocolate egg (which was REG $5.89/on sale for $3.79 WITH my $3.00 in coupons I got it for $.79!), {2} Blue Diamond Almonds {sale B1G1), {2}Starburst eggs, {2} packs of Wrigleys FIVE gum, {3} Dove truffle eggs, {3} Dove chocolate bunnies.

We saved $4.29 with {WAGS=Walgreens} in-ad coupons, $14.88 in AD prices, and $23.60 with manufacturer coupons {including the ones from Hersheys}. ALSO, we really did save MORE than that when you look at the FULL picture of the clearance bags of the Hershey's Kisses candy, the Wonka Egg wasn't supposed to ring up on sale yet.

That means we saved a GRAND total of $42.77 OR $58.42 if you include the markdown price of the candy.

For $73.34, I only paid $14.92.

Check it out below

Are YOU ready to get busy saving? LEAVE a comment BELOW just so I know the audience I am writing to with this couponing. No need to leave something fancy. Even a ;o) will do. I have disabled the word verification. You can even leave an anonymous note.

be blessed



Anonymous said...

How timely your blog post comes.
I started a very VERY tight budget last week with food/gas/Target.
I write everything on an envelope and put the receipts inside. When my budget is gone, it's gone.
It was a hard week to start because I had so many people in town for the weekend and I went way over (feeding 6 more people for 3 days adds up).
I look forward to being better this week and your couponing is inspirational!


t@emmons-blessings said...

V~ If you are using Target for groceries and/or household products AT ALL, don't forget they also have coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons. You can find the store coupons at the following link. You might have to look around a bit/adjust your zipcode, or google target store coupons. ALSO, in my Basics post I talked about loading them onto your phone. I will be doing more on this in the upcoming days/weeks, BUT just know that they work together to give you additional savings.

Much love~