Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things that you should do (in no particular order)

1. Dance in the rain on a hot summer night

2. Be thankful

3. Buy an extra water for that guy standing at the stoplight with the homeless sign

4. Phone a friend you've been meaning to call for sometime now

5. Choose your words carefully

6. Send a thank you note, especially to those who've put you up at least once a month since you've moved

7. Share the recipe for the ribs your husband makes (it's a sin if you keep it to yourself!)

8. Be a cheerleader for someone you haven't even met, but only in the virtual world

9. Protect. your. children.

10. and for Mackinley... Give the bird to someone who will not let you merge into traffic on the H1. ;o)

This is what I have for you today... Ice skating the weekend of Thomas's birthday. L.O.V.E. those eyes!