Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary 3/14-3/15

Yesterday we went to dinner.

Well deserved.

Ate at a restaurant called Terra.

Wouldn't recommend going on a Monday.

Took in a show called "The Adjustment Bureau".

It turned out to be a love story.

Perfect for our day.

Today, however, symbolizes the trek to Molokai to pledge our love forever to each other, and how we have overcome obstacles like losing wedding rings in the ocean hours before the ceremony and replacing them with plastic plumeria rings.

Always and Forever

Until the end of time.

(photo taken by MKD photography, edited by me)


MOV said...

this is so sweet! we just had our 11 year anniversary on 3-12, so congrats to you two also!! (what year anniversary is it? and did you ever find those rings?)
MOV :)

MOV said...

ps--my husband and I did not get married in Hawaii, but we did honeymoon on Lanaii! does that count? :)

Tera said...


;o( wedding ring was not found, was replaced and lost again. We have lost TWO sets of wedding bands each! How does one do that?? New ones are coming as we speak!

It is only our 2nd married, and 4th together, although it seems like 15 years already. ;o) Happy Anniversary to you, as well.

Also, it does count!! You could almost skip a rock across!