Thursday, February 10, 2011


My journey with weight loss came to a stand still in October. Moving was hard. Not having a job outside of the home has been even harder.

And as I reported in January, I was almost as heavy as I was when I gave birth to Owen. How depressing to be that big, and not have a baby as a reward!

Today, I am happy to report that I am -10 pounds from the January 4th weigh in with the doctor. TEN pounds!!

Granted, the holidays are over, and we have started to go to the gym, but TEN POUNDS!! Can you tell how EXCITED I am over that??

If I could do that every month for the next 5 months, I would be ecstatic!! Wouldn't you be??

Last week we didn't go to the gym because I was sick with the flu for 4 days. (believe me... I lost enough in fluids to prevent any gain!)

Thanks for cheering me on... (You know who you are).

Also, thank you for continued prayers for the Koop clan. Tomorrow is surely going to be one of the hardest yet, this week for them. Pray for safe travels for everyone heading to South Dakota, near and far, for Wayne's memorial service.

Hug the ones you love a little longer today.




Amber said...

Congratulations on 10 Pounds! That is awesome! Keep going...I know how hard it can be. Take one day at a time and focus on how much better you feel. I'm proud of you, girl! :)

Amber J.

Teralyn Emmons said...

Thanks Amber!! Appreciate your support!!