Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some days I'm witty.

Most days I'm not.

Some days I rant.

Most days I rave.

Either way, I love sharing the days events.

It makes being so far away, in distance, from family and friends, a little more bearable.

If you read what I post, and think to yourself.. "I know EXACTLY what she's talking about", let me know.

Follow our adventure in losing weight and running a 5K; click the link to follow.

If you facebook... "like" ourC25K page to follow along.

It's nice to have the moral support that you all are giving us. We appreciate that! It's VERY motivating!

I never want there to be an "END", again, in our fitness life.

I want to be Forest. Forest Gump.

An' keep on a runnin!

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