Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last I left you with a scheduled trip for a breast ultra sound............

The ultra sound, itself, wasn't bad........ in fact, it was nearly painless....I say nearly because it is sore; the tissue around the site of the lump is sore. I was thankful, though, that I didn't have to go through having the girls clamped down and "SQUEEZED"!! The really painful part was when we waited, and waited and waited for an order for the ultra sound to be faxed over. (Another one of my pet peeves... INEFFICIENCY. Because when you say that I need a test done right away, and you schedule it for the next day, wouldn't it be helpful to probably FAX the paperwork NEEDED??? (OH, WAIT!! I'm on your time, not my own.)

3mm... That's how small it is. A mass... Can you REALLY call it a mass if it is only 3mm? Because when I think of a mass I think of inches.... not 3mm.

And what does that mean anyway? My breasts are not "fibrous" (sorry if that is TMI)... The mass is not water-filled... So what? What does that mean??

Apparently it means that the "NEW" doctor that I saw last week is not able to see me because she doesn't "deal" with something like this... "SOMETHING".... What does that mean?  I've been referred to a "BREAST SPECIALIST" (didn't know there was such a thing.)

And so I wait....

We all wait......... and Pray

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