Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ No Title ~

There is not a whole lot going on in our neck of the woods.

I was asked by a dear girlfriend how I was occupying my time.... three words.... LEGO HARRY POTTER... and I will say.... I beat LHP on my ipad last night, as James was helping a co-worker move into their new home. As excited as I was, I contained it.... forgetting to tell him until this morning in a text as he drove to work. (He's playing the same {but different} game on the PS3 that we received for Christmas from my parents.)

Thomas couldn't WAIT to tell his friend, Jack... and called him SUPER early!! After weeks of saying he decided they wanted an XBOX360, (and us already knowing we had picked up the PS3 Thanksgiving weekend, at Best Buy, from my mom) I was elated that he really WAS excited about the game system. (Turns out that Jack has already had to return 2 XBOX360s of his because they stopped working. Personally, I think it's because they "game" too much.)

{on a side note.... I cleaned the windows the other day, and this morning as the beautiful sun shown through, it revealed that I REALLY didn't do a very good job. OOPS!!}

As scared as I may be, I'm promising to be productive today.... in some sort of fashion.

I hope you have a good day as well. ;o)

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