Friday, January 4, 2013


And I'm not talking about your feelings on to others.

Since August when I started to create the chalkboard sayings in our home, I've wanted one of these things.
General Imaging PJ205 ipico Handheld LED Personal Projector for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch - Retail Packaging - White
Isn't it cute? It's a projector that fits onto your ipod/iphone. It would make the task of chalkboarding so much easier. I am not a very good freehand drawer. (Although, O would disagree as I completely helped him draw the Georgia state seal on Tuesday morning... because we forgot homework over Christmas break with him being sick. OOPS!) Outside of being able to project images, I would be able to watch AI or the dreaded Bachelor when they start up next week.... away from boys that don't want to watch it.
Anyway, I love it. Anyone want to purchase it for me? Or go halvsies?? Anyone?
Speaking of chalkboards, check out Pigtails & Sassyfras later on today for something I've been working on. (That's the new blog I've started, in case you didn't know.)
My coffee cup is empty, so it needs a refill.
Catch ya later?
Be Blessed!


Patti Farrell said...

I know your writing or printing on other other boards was great. How much are those cuties?

T said...

Pretty spendy... Like $110 on sale. :o)