Monday, November 5, 2012

Coconator {this one is for kellie and dan}

While we lived in Hawaii, there wouldn't be a trip up to the North Shore without stopping at at Haleiwa for some coffee. There is a little shop there called the Coffee Gallery. It's in a little strip mall that is full of fantastic shops that include some jewelry, glass blowing, and framed art, to just name a few. They roast coffee there, as well, which reminded me of  my favorite hometown coffee shop, the Sturgis Coffee Company. And boy, oh boy, did it relieve some of the home-sickness I was feeling those first couple months.

Anyway, this coffee shop, the Coffee Gallery, had a coffee concoction that I grew to love. It was called the Coconator. The flavor left my mouth wanting more, which is why I returned nearly every day. And this is why this post is for {kellie and dan}.

{kellie and dan} went to Hawaii two? years ago, and I asked them to please go to the coffee shop in Haleiwa and get a Coconator for me. And they did just that. Nearly. Every. Single. Day. And when they got home they purchased an expresso espresso machine to figure out how to make it. While they got their recipe to be exact... I continued to hear about it... f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  About how it is costing, and calories they are consuming because "I" got them hooked on the Coconator.

Well, girlfriend, I have found an answer to your prayers. NOT only will it alleviate your calorie intake, you will love it, just the same. AND it is a little easier on the pocketbook.

With this whole clean eating, I have been trying things that are new. I don't like soy milk that well... because let's be honest. It tastes like {$h!t}. But as I was looking at my options, I came across Pure Coconut Milk from Silk. I am prepared to take the blame on this puppy, if you get hooked.

I add 1/4 cup {20 cals} with two tbs of chocolate syrup {100 cals}, and 1 tbs of French vanilla creamer {30 cals} to my coffee, which varies between Kona and Sturgis Coffee.

So there you go, my friend. No more blaming me for your addiction that is high calorie. ;o)

I hope you enjoy! 

be blessed!

NaBloPoMo November 2012


Kellie Burns said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! Ha! You forgot to add that you were the sole person responsible for my coffee/latte addiction! I didn't even drink that stuff before Hawaii and ONE sip had me hooked!! And every day since then, with every sip, I am reminded of you...which is a good thing. I CAN'T WAIT to try this out!!! Thank you, my beautiful friend. I feel honored to have a blog post totally dedicated to me. <3 Love and miss you tons.

T said...

love and miss you, too! xo