Saturday, January 28, 2012

missing smiles

i don't miss black eyes.

i don't miss getting spit on.

i don't miss endless hours of paperwork.

i don't miss room searches.

i don't miss restraints.

i don't miss working on a wing by myself.

i don't miss the heartbreak when you lose a resident.

i don't miss shitty parents.

i don't miss packing lunches for kids on home visits, knowing it's the only nourishment they will get all weekend.

i don't miss runaways.

i don't miss broken bones.

and what i do miss....

seeing the smiles that are created from the difference you've made in someone's life.

O's friend reminded me of that this weekend as he opened up about his family.

our children are truly blessed!

be blessed



Jessica said...

Love this Tera. You are such a beautiful soul! =) So blessed to know you, my friend!

t@emmons-blessings said...

XOXO! Ditto my friend!