Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've lost me. Somewhere along the lines of being a mom and wife, I've lost me.

My hair is not done.

My weight has soared.

Where have I gone?

I want me.

Come out. Come out... Wherever you are!

Me, please return in the condition you were so many moons ago.

Our heart needs it.


Anonymous said...

Wll my dear I hope you find yourself again. I love you if you hair isn't done - I love you if you've gained some weight. I love you unconditionally because you are part of me. That's what mom's are for - to hold their hearts in our hands and love unconditionally.
I Love You

MOV said...

this post really resonates with me, I often wonder what happened to the "ME" I used to know-- I liked her and I miss her.


t@emmons-blessings said...

me, too, MOV... me too! ;o)