Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kroger and Harris Teeter Shopping Trip

Monday I went to Kroger, and of course they were sold out of everything. T and a his friend H went with me, and thought it was odd that we were leaving with nothing. That's how I roll, usually. If you aren't stocked with 50% of what I need, I won't buy anything. You've just wasted my time coming to your store.

I spoke with a store associate and said that they would get a truck in yesterday and they would be stocked back up. So I made a trip to make sure that I was able to get the Nivea men's body wash for FREE. I also picked up a couple of bags of Boulder potatoe chips, a couple of bags of BF Snackerz, and then they OWED me .24 for taking the stuff out of their store. They don't pay out overages, so I had to buy something else. I bought 2 more Snackerz and used 1 more coupon, (which didn't make the checker at the next register too happy). My total was $.34.

Here's the deal... I don't usually buy candy at our house, so for the boys to get a treat... It was worth it!

They were actually out of some stuff I wanted, but said they would be putting it out in the next hour, so of course I had to go back. Right??

So here's how it played out... After a swim with J in the afternoon, Climb with O, dinner done and over (Pizza night splurge) I gathered my Qbook and went back out. This is what I found:
{10} Capri Sun - $14.90
{10} Kraft BBQ sauce (4 going to food pantry) FREE
{5} 8oz  KoolAid/CountryTime lemonade FREE (coupon was on BBQ sauce and on sale to boot)
{3} Crest pro-health toothpaste for kids (1 going to food pantry) FREE
{4} Clorox 2 stain remover - (1 going to food pantry) $2.00 (.50ea)
{2} Sister Schuster frozen rolls - $.98 (.49 ea)
{2} 44oz Classico pasta sauce $3.98 (1.99 ea)
{2} Kashi Cereal - $1.98 (.99 ea)
{1} Kraft Homestyle MacnCheese- $.50

This total came out to be around $25 with tax.

So, are you NOW ready to learn? 

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