Monday, April 25, 2011


A reward card is not needed, but they are pushing for one for better savings. (pilot program I was told). And even if they offer you one, you don't need it to get the sale prices. BUT it will give you extra rewards for your loyalty to their store, and not their main competitor, CVS.

Walgreens is a good choice for us. It's super close to our house. Since starting couponing two weeks ago, we have saved $115.38 just by shopping for things we need and things we will use. OOP was $28.72. This doesn't include the very first time we went because we really didn't know what we were doing. HOWEVER, you get the math, right??

I do not get paid from Walgreens to tell you that they have awesome deals going on there, EVERY WEEK!!

I guess it just comes down to one four letter word. WILL. Do you have the will within yourself to WANT to save money for your family?

Here are this week’s Walgreens deals. Pricing is valid 4/24 – 4/30.  (Thank you tKCL for providing this)

The first week, when I had just started, I used theKrazyCouponLady everyday. Now, I know how to look for the deals on my own. YES, it took alot of time. YES, my husband always wondered if I was coming to bed before midnight for that week. YES... It is all worth the time I put in. BUT... this resource is out there if you want to use it. I highly recommend checking it out.

REMEMBER.... you can't expect to go get the deals today, when you haven't started clipping. You can order coupons through clipping services or ebay if you just really don't have the time to clip.

What are you saving on today? Have you started to think about how much you will be able to save in May by clipping this Sunday's coupons? It's gunna be a big stack, and if you don't want yours, I will gladly take them. (I'll even send a SASE!!)

Tell me what you need from me so I can help you keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

be blessed


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