Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Double Days

Everything I had read yesterday about the Super Double Days at Harris Teeter compared the morning shopping to morning shopping on Black Friday. It just wasn't that way at our HT store.

I don't know if I feel let down or elated that our shelves were fully stocked. Clearly I wasn't the ONLY one in the store shopping this morning at 530 am, but there wasn't a MOB like I assume there will be in Nashville or in the Carolinas.

Anyway, this is what I picked up for $13.78 this morning.

{2} Wheat Thins Sticks Chipotle Pepper ($1 each)
{2} JnJ Shampoo ($1 each)
{4} Lysol toilet bowl cleaner {a must for having boys!} (.50 each)
{4} Lysol cleaning wipes (.50 each)
{2} Seventh Generation dish soap (Free)
{1} Homestyle MacnCheese (.50)
{1} Smart Balance fatfree milk (.50)
{2} Ritz Munchables, sour cream n onion & chipotle. ($1 each)
{3} Balance bars (.30 each)

I saved $25.03 for using my VIC card, but more importantly I saved $28.98 with coupons. That's a $54.01 savings!!  That is nearly 80% savings!!

I do need to reiterate one thing. Just because we are SAVING this money on purchases, doesn't mean we HAD the money to spend on everything in the first place. I am trying to maximize the funds we DO have to spend. I still am not working yet. The economy is tough. Fuel prices have skyrocketed the last 30+ days. We don't have a choice. This is what I need to do for our family. And, it really is fun to save and get such great deals.

be blessed, truly in the heart of Jesus


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