Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Store Coupon Policies

 I feel it is REALLY important to know the coupon policies of the stores you are shopping at. I have compiled a list below, and suggest that you print them out so you are aware how coupons work at your stores.

Some stores accept other stores' coupons. Some only accept manufacturer coupons. Some DOUBLE or even TRIPLE a coupon up to a certain $.00 amount.

So check them out. Print them, or if you have a smart phone, pull up the policy, take a snapshot of it so you have it with you at all times. I've print them out and put them in my small binders. (We will get to that part later in the week)

Dollar General
Family Thrift Center
**Farm Fresh (scroll down about half way) courtesy of afullcup.
Food Lion
Giant Food stores
Harris Teeter
**Kmart courtesy of thekrazycouponlady
**Krogers courtesy of thekrazycouponlady
Prairie Foods
Sunmart Foods

I am currently working on getting a Commissary policy for those of you who are able to utilize that. I will update as I find it. ALSO, I contacted NashFinch yesterday, and waiting to hear a reply for Family Thrift.

**UPDATE** I spoke with "C" from NashFinch today, and I have included the following stores that follow the SAME coupon policy: Econofoods, Family Thrift Center, Prairie Market Foods, and Sunmart Foods.

**Please keep in mind that the stores with the ** next to their name are links to the only place I found the coupon policy. Policies MAY change at any time, and in that case, if you would kindly email me for an update, I will gladly change it. **

I did NOT cover CVS or RiteAid at this time because I am not using them, right now. {It was hard enough to get down how the Walgreen's rewards work; I am still in the baby step process myself.}

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I hope not. Hang in there. Today we will be going over what occured Sunday at Walgreen's so that I MADE money shopping there.

Don't you want that to be YOU???

 Even if you don't want to leave a comment, go ahead and follow me, so you don't miss a beat in this couponing expedition we are on.

be blessed


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