Monday, April 25, 2011

the Best Part of Waking Up

Is Folgers in your cup!! Actually the best part is getting it for free. That's what I did! All you see here. Free. Free. Free.

I wonder if this is how MLKjr felt when he gave his "I have a dream" speech. {I'm kidding of course.}

Here's the scoop:

{3} $3 off coupons for Splenda (last week's paper)
{3} $1 off coupons from Folgers (paper and printer from internet)
{1} $.50 off 2 coupon for skittles (I needed fillers on this one)
{1} $4 off next purchase from Wags Register Rewards from Taster's Choice

Splenda is on sale this week for $2.99. Folgers is on sale for $2.79/J took to work. Skittles were supposed to be $1.00(which I will go and have adjusted) but I paid $1.29. (Had I not got the Skittes and just got a $.25 meat stick, It would have saved more. BUT the boys got coupons for movies for Easter, so I figured it could be Movie Night Snacks)

In advertised savings I saved $12.60. In coupons savings I saved $16.49. {because the coupon was $3 and the item was only $2.99, they had to adjust the price. who cares... it was FREE!} Total OOP I paid was $3.93.

You might be saying to yourself " UHM, T that doesn't make it FREE!! DUH!" Well, when you factor the SURPRISE, UNADVERTISED $4 Splenda register reward in, it does!!

Have you tried using Walgreens for ANY part of your shopping?  Are you confused about how it works?

Still think you don't have the time to clip coupons? My stunning cousin Andrew made a comment to me the other day about how time =s money. Well Andy... Time = Money SAVED.

be blessed,


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