Friday, March 4, 2011

Farewell, Mr. Marshall

Dear Doug,

I am so sad for especially Carla and Nanna. My heart breaks for Brooke, Leah, Mark, Ken and Lisa, and all of our family. For those lives you have touched, I am sad for all of us who knew you and all of us who didn't have enough time with you. Enough time... Could there possibly be such a thing?

My heart feels like in losing you, I've lost another father figure, especially from the time that you and Carla started spending the summer time in South Dakota until the time that we left. First I lost my dad, then Papa Beck, and now you. I can see them standing there waiting for you, shotguns in hand... ready to go hunting. I know you were welcomed with open arms.

The ability to nuture any relationship is one thing I admire most about you. Carla said it about you, but in recalling, I heard you tell James about Papa in that "He never knew a stranger, and never had an enemy". So 'tis true about you, my friend. I guess it takes one to know one. (You two are amazing men)

You showed me by example how to be an equal partner to James, giving advise and encouraging imaginary "stick-to-it- ivness" that you must have picked up from Nanna. (What a woman she is!! And your wife... There just are no words for what you both have done.) And when I brought James to meet you, and you hit it off from the get-go, I was sure that I had made a great choice in becoming his wife. You were always so thoughtful to ask of him while he was deployed.

I saw you be a great person to so many, helping in a time of need. (Especially to our newly formed family). It just goes to show how big your heart truly was.

You have left me with so many wonderful memories. Your laughter and warm inviting hugs will be sorely missed. I am proud to have been apart of your family. I will always carry a piece of you in my heart. And when it is my time to come home to the Lord, I will be happy in knowing that I will see you again.



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