Sunday, February 6, 2011

Healing Hearts

When you lose someone who has been in your life since you can almost remember, it is truly heart breaking.

All around you. People offering condolences.

Decisions you don't want to make, but have to.

Not quite sure of the emotions you should feel.

It's surreal.

Feels like a dream.

Unsure of the future.

I know. I lost the three most important men in the first 21 years of my life.

Heart breaking.

A loss is.

The strongest woman I know today, lost her best friend, partner in life, and father of her children, last night.

It's heart breaking.


It's what you have to have.


In the Lord, our Savior.


To allow yourself to grieve.

I have some big news coming... Inspired by my story, and theirs.

Please continue to follow, because it's going to be great!!

Also, please keep my friend, V, her chickens, and the ENTIRE Koop clan in your prayers.

Pray for healing hearts.

V and chickens, we love you!

Rejoice that Wayne is with the Lord!

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