Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give a little bit

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She is beautiful.

Both inside and out.

Their love story... it is a high school, fall in love, head over heals, love conquers all... sort of love.

Except, love didn't conquer his battle with cancer.

But, it helped them through it.

And it continues to hold her together the best way she knows how.

Her chickens... well, they are some of the cutest children that you ever did see.

Her friends... have rallied around creating a fundraiser to help lessen the burden of the unknown, but giving her the ability to make the unknown... what THEY want it to be.

Jami, from an open field, and Denise, from Matilda Jane Clothing, have worked together, along with SO many other wonderful, inspiring artists, to create an amazing auction/fundraiser for Val and her chickens.

You can find the auction HERE.

Please don't forget that you can still send donations to Jami via her link.

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